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GUZZI CALIFORNIA 1400 - We ride it and rate it at the launch in France. Big bikes can corner!; CHICKEN-BUILT DUC - It's amazing what can come out of a chicken shack in London; DUCATI FOR LIFE - Franco Farné entered the Ducati factory gates a boy, and stayed; MY MITO - Young blokes building custom Cagivas to cane them. Nice!; SAN MARINO PIRATES - They loved motorcycles, tuning, racing, speed, wine, and fighting; FOUR LIVES OF A GT16 - It probably accompanied Hitler, then life improved as a butcher's bike; SPANISH BENELLI SIX - Just beautiful. We're lost for words and think you will be too; GUZZI PARTS SPECIAL - Another beauty from John W of Motonero Motorcycles, 
who bolted a few spares together; HOT PAN DUKE - It's an insanely fast production 
twin, as Alan Cathcart discovered; PROJECT BIKES - Who has ever heard of making
 gears from plastic? MV has..

Feature Italian car: '69 ALFA SUPER - Beautiful, fast, and with 
a serpent's bite.