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REPRO VINTAGE ITALIAN ROAD TAX DISC AND HOLDER - The ultimate period accessory for your bike!

£14.99 - On Sale

PRICE: £14.99 + Airmail or UK 1st class postage to wherever you are in the world. PLEASE NOTE - ONLY BLACK AND RED CURRENTLY IN STOCK

If you're as obsessed as we are about the details of Italian motorcycles, especially unrestored ones, you'll love these repro vintage road tax discs and holders that we've sourced from Italy. Original discs are now expensive to buy, so this is a cheaper alternative, AND, you can add any reg number for your bike. The artwork for the tax discs is, apart from a couple of small details, faithful to the original designs. Printed on heavyweight 167gm paper, the disc is then trimmed to its 65cm diameter. Every year has its own colour or design, and you'll receive the relevant one for the year. These are for exhibition purposes only!

The tax disc holders are brand new reproductions of what were commonly used in Italy in the '50s and '60s, and feature a removable clear plastic cover and on the rear, a fantastic embossed St Christopher emblem to keep you safe as you ride. Made in durable plastic, the holder measures 66mm in diameter and 90mm at its widest point to include the mounting tab. The mounting hole is for an M6 bolt but there's plenty of material to file out for an M8 bolt. Can't guarantee that they're water proof. Colours available are Nero Black, Rosso Red, Verde Green (OUT OF STOCK) and Azzurro Blue (OUT OF STOCK).

But what makes our repro discs look so authentic is that we age them, using secret IMM techniques. We replicate the date stamp, cost in Lira, add a licence plate number, and a scratchy signature. We also kick the tax disc holder across our workshop floor, stained with genuine 1950s Italian motorcycle oil and grime, to take that new edge off them.

MOTORCYCLE/SCOOTER TYPE: Choose the relevant type for your Italian bike/scooter in the drop down box below.

COLOUR/YEAR CHOICE: You MUST tell us in the message to seller section of the PayPal payment, or via the CONTACT page here - what year tax disc you want, and what colour tax disc holder you want, otherwise we'll send out what we have. If we don't have the chosen colour you want we'll contact you with an alternative, or refund if you prefer.

DATE/ITALIAN CITY OPTIONS: If you want the registration number from a certain city (e.g. MI 1864 for a Milan bike, or PI 58910 for a bike from Pisa) tell us on the PayPal message or via our CONTACT page to the right. Every disc is stamped with a date relevant to the year in the disc. NB: Every disc is stamped with IMM and a date to identify our product.

Once mounted on an Italian motorcycle, they look fantastic and really finish it off, whether a freshly restored delightful Ducati, unrestored grungy Guzzi or manky MV Agusta - you'll be hard pushed to tell them from an original.

PRICE: £14.99 + shipping Airmail or UK 1st Class to wherever you are in the world. If you don't see one for your bike, contact us and we can try and sort something out. We try and send out same day, or next day if pushed for time. All proceeds go towards keeping the mag up and running..